For those of you who have been on our Mental Health First Aid trainings you will know that self-care is at the heart of what we do here at This Way up Well Being. We believe we must be goal models, so from taking a break each day for lunch or just  tea with a friend, if  we cannot take care of “ourselves” we cannot look after others so we must put on our own oxygen mask before we can help those who need us and who are vulnerable. Hey, and we all need help at times don’t we? The “ For me club” is a space for you to find things that will help you and make you happy, it’s a safe space to relax and learn to release negative thoughts, and feelings and through the techniques we use you can unblock dislodged stress and trauma and bring about deep relaxation and healing. We offer many different stress relief strategies because we are all unique and as individuals will benefit from a variety of interventions. So come along and find what works for you.

We take you on a journey of self-discovery, by the end of the workshop you will be able to recognise your stress triggers, review your health and well-being, and have experienced a number of self-help techniques to use for yourself and with others.

Learners will be more confident in looking after their own well-being and be happier with a Reduction in loneliness and depression. Will see an increase in positive mental health, be able to identify support networks within the community, and overall happiness of the community. Topics (not exhaustive) we cover the 6 ways of wellbeing.

BODY, MIND, STRESS: The workshop focuses on keeping balanced, healthy stress levels, keeping the body and mind happy.

PLACE AND PLANET: We explore the importance of taking notice, caring for the planet and defensible space. Using the medium of art and creativity we engage the group in interesting discussion. Incorporated into our program is a planet friendly eco creativity session.

CONNECTING: We will use gestalt therapy practices and artistic role play and storytelling, Listening and communication skills.

We introduce the use of Laughter Yoga as a fun way to create improved health and wellbeing getting back to some childlike play! The benefits of laughter are numerous (please see more under our laughter yoga section) scientific studies have shown a reduction in stress levels, depression and heart disease. You do not need any experience to join in I am sure you have all laughed before We just need to do more of it, as for the yoga part as long as you can breathe you can get involved.


Stress can cause health problems from minor ailments to more serious conditions such as heart disease and mental distress. The cumulative effects of increasing and unresolved stress lead some people to seek relief by adopting unhelpful coping mechanisms such as drug and alcohol dependency, self harming, risk taking behavior, smoking, work holism etc. All these things affect the individual’s personality, daily functioning, employment productivity and relationships. Attending this course will help you to:· Explore positive and negative stress in the workplace· Gain skills to recognise when your levels of stress are increasing and affecting you in a negative way· Gain the skills and confidence to reduce your stress by using an assortment of tried and tested techniques.· Devise a self help toolkit that you can use at any time when stress intervention and diversion is needed. This training is delivered by Bronwyn and her team and will help you understand and deal with stress and its effects. Contact us for further details and training availability.


This Way Up Well Being Workshops can be run as, half day, one day, or weekly sessions.

For Special Events, Birthdays, Team Building days, In the Workplace,  schools, or communities. We can tailor make your own workshop.

The topics we cover are: 
Relaxation and Meditation
Mandala Work
Healing Therapies
Arty Party
Food and Mood
Healthy Walks
Emotional Literacy

These topics can be delivered separately or are part of a package. Please call us on 07530965827 to discuss your requirements.